The Republic of Turkey is one of the states on the planet that treats people who are applying for a residence permit in this country cordially. You can stay legally to live in Turkey due to employment, training, marriage with a local resident, as well as the acquisition of real estate in any region. The latter option is becoming more and more popular with forward-thinking foreigners. An apartment or house in Turkey, not to mention commercial real estate, is an excellent investment, an opportunity to come to the resort as if it were your home, and also an official reason for obtaining a residence permit.

Real estate agency ASTORIA HOMES offers a range of services related to the purchase of housing in Turkey and the submission of documents for a residence permit following this procedure. Our experts:

  • advise on all issues related to the acquisition of real estate and registration of a residence permit in Turkey;
  • help to fill out an online application for Ikamet and deal with the payment of fees;
  • accompany the collection and submission of documents to government agencies or the Turkish Consulate;
  • provide comprehensive support to applicants for a Turkish residence permit.

Features of obtaining a residence permit in Turkey

According to the current Turkish legislation, any owner of real estate located in the country has the right to apply for a residence permit in Turkey. In this case, the class of the object, its cost, location and other characteristics do not matter.

The document allowing the applicant to reside in the country for 0.5-2 years is called Ikamet. It is issued in the format of a plastic card and can be renewed any number of times. To get it, you will need to collect documents, first of all – confirming the fact of the transfer of real estate into ownership, submit an application, and also pass an interview at the migration service. The residence permit in Turkey will be ready in about 2 working weeks after passing all the necessary procedures. Based on the results of obtaining a residence permit for TAPU (ownership of real estate), a foreign resident is assigned the status of a tax resident. He can also apply for citizenship under the simplified scheme.