In the 21st century, the purchase of housing abroad in the “online” format has become especially relevant. Now it is not at all necessary to come to Turkey to inspect the objects for sale and even to conclude a deal. All this work can be undertaken by the professionals of the licensed agency ASTORIA HOMES. Trusting the specialists of the real estate market, the client saves a lot of his own time, money and effort, receiving, as a result of cooperation, an excellent apartment for his own use or commercial purposes

The procedure for purchasing an apartment online takes place in several stages:

  • first, the client is offered a choice of housing from the online catalog on the company’s website;
  • then on those of the objects that the buyer liked, a virtual tour is conducted, which allows the client to inspect houses and premises in real time, ask questions about real estate to managers of our agency and home owners;
  • when the ideal apartment is found, there are two options for the development of events: a personal visit of the buyer to Turkey to conclude a transaction or delegation of these powers to our specialists (a notarized power of attorney is required, drawn up at the Turkish consulate at the buyer’s place of residence);
  • the final stage of cooperation – the execution of all the necessary documents indicating the name of the new owner of the home – can also be entrusted to us.

Remote interaction with the customer of services encourages us to approach all aspects of the procedure as responsibly as possible and to check the property more thoroughly, because all responsibility for the purchase lies on our shoulders. As a result, all our remote customers are satisfied with the event.

Benefits of buying a home in Turkey online

ASTORIA HOMES is a licensed real estate agency in Turkey that has been in the industry for over 5 years and has a huge housing base.

You can buy from us both apartments in new buildings, modern houses of economy, business and elite class, as well as objects of the secondary real estate market.

Buyers invest in Turkish property for several reasons:

  • apartments in Turkey (especially in resort areas) are growing rapidly in price, which is an excellent investment for the long term;
  • owning a home in Turkey allows a foreigner to obtain not only a residence permit in this country, but also a full Turkish passport;
  • buying a Turkish apartment is an opportunity to settle in a modern European country or periodically come here with your family on vacation.

Buying an apartment online is an ideal way to buy a home without exhausting travel around the country, bureaucratic red tape and other inconveniences faced by foreign buyers in Turkey. Today this procedure is becoming a common practice and is in great demand among people who value their time. For its part, ASTORIA HOMES guarantees transparency of the transaction and maximum coverage to the client of all moments of buying a home on his behalf.